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Marketing maniacs set

Marketing Maniacs

The #MarketingManiacs,edition 1 kicked off with a bang, organized together with High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Lookingglass- the creative partner in HTC & Hamptuns. It was great seeing so many marketers get out of their offices and meet each other.

What we learned from the event:
📌Marketing maniacs should meet more often.
📌Many Marketers want to share their inspiring stories and experiences so we can learn from each other.
📌There are more people from different departments interested in participating in the event

Work will begin on the next event soon, in the meantime keep up the good work and stay tuned.



Marketing with a low budget

Marketing with Low Budgets is the webinar topic, where a few speakers shared their most successful examples from their experience working within tight budgets. They come from different industries, including High Tech, Government & Entertainment. It’s a valuable group from which you can learn and take away new ideas for your marketing campaigns.

The webinar is intended for:

🔘Marketing managers who are interested in learning new marketing tools and need inspiration;

🔘Small businesses, startups, scale-ups, and solo entrepreneurs working within tight budgets and seeking a solution to grow their companies. Learn more


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