Our individual workshops will boost your business brand to your desired goals.

To help your brand identity journey, we offer well-rounded packages suitable for every business’ needs. We want to make your brand shine with a complete package covering Branding and a Marketing Plan or an individual workshop.

Are you ready for a marketing journey?

Let’s climb The Marketing Mountains. You might ask what it is; It’s a marketing approach that helps in the most efficient way to deliver a brand message to a specific target group. We created this definition (Marketing Mountains) to explain how important a combination of branding and marketing is.

Brand Core

Let’s deep dive into the authenticity of your brand! In this workshop, we’ll help you discover your business’ story, life span, recognize your business’ mission and brand values.


What’s the position of your brand in the market? In this workshop, we’ll compare and create an analysis of your brand in the market by working on a value proposition canvas, positioning statement, brand promise, and SWOT analysis.

Looks & Feel

How can you make your brand pop up? In this workshop, we’ll go through each part of your brand logo, imagery, typography, color pallet, and how to find your brand’s voice, sound, feel, tone and intent.


What are your business goals (short and long term), and how to find the right consumer? In this workshop, we’ll pinpoint your business goals and how to navigate the market to obtain them. We’ll focus on how to achieve the goals and how to measure performance (concrete action measured with KPI results.)

Target group

We’ll focus on target groups and how to understand them. Who are they? What are their product/service expectations? What are their pain points? We’ll uncover all of these answers, plus how to define a customer persona.


We’ll discuss a marketing plan, what channels are the best for your business, how to create a promotion campaign, and what type of content suits your business best. What are the best channels to make your business shine and how to obtain your goals (short and long term.)

About Elena

Elena is an enormously inspiring person who has thrown herself in the Techworld to help tech entrepreneurs and committed business owners to make their dream come true by educating, supporting and providing them with the marketing strategy and tools to make their tech miracles visible in the world.

  • 10 years of markeitng experience
  • Creator of Branding +Marketing Workshops, marketing approach “Marketing Mountain”, workshop series Launch your idea and platform Equal Table
  • International work experience in Europe, North America and Asia

Discovery Call

Before we start our journey exploring your brand, we’ll have a discovery call where we discuss your business needs, brand struggles, and what workshop fits you better, as well as expectations.



You will receive a questionnaire where you share basic information about your company. I'll need it to start working together along with a link to our contract and payment details.
Now that we're both committed to boosting your business, we will get this process started!


let's get work!

Ready to start the party!
We will create a strong business presence through exercises that will guide you from finding your brand's core to an effective marketing plan which helps you reach your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions.

01.Can I buy package separately?
Yes, you can. You can buy any part separate, depends on your need and level of your brand.
02.How many people participate in a workshop?
The workshop is individual class, one-to-one. At the workshop will be only you and Elena who will lead the process.
03.How do I know which workshop is good for me?
Before the workshop, you will have a discovery call where you decide which one suits you.
04.What will I get out from the workshop?
Each workshop has its own outcomes. It depends on which one you pick. Discovery call will help you to recognize which workshop suits you the best.

Are you ready to scale up your business?

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